A Collaboration

Check out the Youtube video my mentor and friend Rob Phoenix and I made together:

Author: Michael

I am a genuine Christian braucher. I was taught by Rob Phoenix, but have a history of Braucherei (or Powwow as it has become known). My paternal family has a history in the counties of Lancaster, Schuykill, Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry since the 1720's. My first ancestors in this country were of German descent and settled in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Family history states that my 8th great-grandmother (Anna Margaret Hornberger Ellmaker 1703-1779) was known as a local healer and supposedly helped choose the place of the family's homestead based upon her knowledge of "humors" and how the land might affect those humors. Apparently, this knowledge was passed down in my paternal family for some time. I recall my paternal grandmother and aunt writing prayers and psalms on a piece of paper, placing that in water and then having individuals who came to them with some malady, drink the water for healing. I also, upon my paternal grandmother's death found a box amongst her belongings into which was tucked away and old bible from the 1855's and a copy of Hohman's "Long Lost Friend" from the 1856. My purpose is to teach powwow as it was taught to me by my mentor, Rob Phoenix. I am a Christian and only do this by God's will. I do not adhere to the belief by some individuals who believe that some ancient goddess cult was brought to America by the German people to Pennsylvania nor do I believe in any sort of pagan roots for Braucherei. Braucherei is Christian. My ancestors were devout Lutherans and members of the Reformed churches. I am a Roman Catholic. They were not pagans nor had any knowledge of paganism. The idea that braucherei is some sort of pagan magical practice is simply rooted in the grand delusions of some modern individuals who wish to practice paganism but also desire to find some sort of traditional and historical folk practice to validate their beliefs. I state this so that individuals seeking aid from me will understand where I am coming from and how I practice.

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