Services Offered

I offer a variety of services. I never charge for my “in-person” services such as trying for a healing. This is something that is simply not done in powwow. If someone asks you to pay them for such a service, please continue looking.

For healings and such, I always recommend that you go so your medical practitioner in addition to your work with me. I do not offer medical treatment, but “spiritual” treatment. It is of the utmost importance that you seek help from a medical or mental health practitioner in addition to seeing me. I cannot offer medical advice. I may even make this a condition upon seeing me depending on our communication and/or your condition. I offer services in healing, blessings and the breaking of hexes. These in-person sessions take place in my home located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Please note that nothing is guaranteed in braucherei. The braucher is simply a conduit for God’s work, and it is up to God as to what the outcome will be. Having said that, the faith of the powwow and of the client plays an important role as well.

In addition to my in-person services, I do offer a variety of other services or items which you can order from me. I do charge for these physical items based upon materials needed and my time in creating these items.

Such items may include:

* The creating of sigils for various conditions

* The creation of brauch bags for various conditions

* The creation of handpainted and handwritten himmelsbriefs for . blessings and protection

I will eventually post images of some of these items on this page. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at “” to discuss your needs and/or items you may wish to order

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