Hello and welcome to my website. If you are finding yourself here, you are obviously interested in Braucherei (powwow).

I am a genuine braucher (powwower) in the lineage of Rob Phoenix who is my teacher, mentor and friend.

I learned about powwow many years ago after happening upon an old copy of Hohman’s “Long Lost Friend” when going through some of my paternal grandmother’s belongings. I kept the book and the Bible which accompanied and put it away for many years until my journey led me to investigate this hidden treasure more thoroughly.

This journey eventually brought me to Rob, who officially taught my good friend her first charm and then who immediately taught me the charm to adhere to the female-male transfer that many adhere to in the tradition. However, I do consider Rob to be the one who “initiated” me into the practice of powwow.

You my have noted that I put “initiated” in quotes. I do this, because there is no formal initiation in powwow and anyone who claims to have some long line of initiation or degrees of initiation in powwow is a fraud and I would steer clear of them.

Anyways, I came to find out from Rob that some of the practices my grandmother used to do were actually from powwow, so there is some family history there.

I grew up in Pennsylvania and have ancestry dating back to the 1720’s in Lancaster county. So, while not growing up in the midst of Pennsylvania Dutch culture, I am quite familiar with it.

My services and the teachings I will write on my blog are authentic powwow practices. I am a Christian (Roman Catholic) but have ancestors who were Lutheran and German Reformed. I do not adhere to any belief that states that powwow is a pagan practice or has pagan roots. Many individuals will claim to have found individuals in Pennsylvania Dutch country who claimed to have honored some pagan goddess or claim that some pagan goddess cult came over with the initial German immigrants to this country. I simply do not find this to be true and am very suspect of such “research.” Powwow, in my opinion, was derived from old Catholic traditions (which probably did have some pagan roots) that went underground in Protestant Germany. Most practices are based in these old Catholic charms and beliefs, not in pagan roots. Many neo-pagans find it necessary to try to find some root in traditional folk practices to make their lineage and practice seem more authentic. This is part of the whole pagan reconstructionist movement. Powwow simply does not belong in this category. It is a Christian practice at its heart and Christianity cannot be removed from it. Powwow or braucherei without Christianity is simply not powwow or braucherei.

I apologize if I seem harsh with this, I have many friends who are pagan and my husband was a Wiccan high priest for some time. However, I stand firm in my belief that powwow cannot be taken out of its Christian context. I write all of this so that you will know where I stand on this subject if you come to me for services.

That being said, I do offer services and objects such as himmelsbriefs and talismans. While I do not charge for trying for a healing for an individual, I do charge for the cost, materials and my time in the making of talismans and himmelsbriefs. More information about this may be found on the appropriate link.

Please take a look around my website and feel free to contact me with questions or requests.